Highest Earning Majors at UC Schools

According to the UC Information Center, computer science, business, and engineering are the most highly paid majors of UC graduates. The salaries of these majors across different schools tend to correlate with the Times Higher Education national ranking of the school. Among these three majors (computer science, business, and engineering), computer science is on average the most highly paid with an overall average salary of $77,763, while business is the least highly paid with an average salary of $49,933. Engineering is the middle ground between these two majors with an average salary of $63,288.

UC Berkeley (ranked #5 for Computer Science) sees the highest average salary for computer science majors at $113,000. UCLA (ranked #9) and UCSD (ranked #21) follow UC Berkeley; salaries average $90,800 and $81,600 respectively. Riverside comes in the last place among the UCs with a US computer science rank of #50 and a salary of $56,100.

In engineering, UC Berkeley has ranked 4th and graduates earn an average salary of $79,900. UCLA ranked #7 and UCSB ranked #17 following behind Berkeley with a salary of $69,600 and $66,900 respectively. Again, UC Riverside is the lowest-ranked UC in business with a national rank of #40 and a salary of about $53,500.

Salaries awarded to majors of business schools similarly correlate to ranking. The most highly ranked UC school for business is Berkeley which has an average post-graduation salary of about $73,000 per year. The next most highly ranked UC business programs are UCLA (average salary of $64,400) and UCSD (average salary of $46,200). UC Davis is an exception; the average post-graduation salary for business majors is $50,100 despite being ranked at 21. UC Riverside holds the lowest business ranking and an average salary of $38,900.

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