Community College to UC Transfer

Since Covid, community colleges, nationwide, have experienced a drop in enrollments. We see this playing out in California where recent data indicates a declining trend in community college transfers to the University of California (UC) system over the past three years. Looking at the primary community college feeders to the UC institutions, we see that in 2023 Santa Monica College sent 983 students, De Anza College sent 866 students, and Diablo Valley College sent 806 students to UC campuses. This represents a ?% decrease from 2022 and 2021 figures.

Despite this drop, students are experiencing a higher success rate by applying as transfer students to heavily impacted majors. Most notably, De Anza College accounted for 13% of all transfers to UC Berkeley’s Computer Science program in 2023, with an additional 11% from Diablo Valley College. Nearly 10% of engineering transfers to UC Berkeley originated from Diablo Valley College last year.

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