Top Canadian colleges charge less

Canadian universities have grown in visibility as U.S. families seek affordable college tuition. An examination of Canada’s top-ranked schools reveals that ranking does not correlate with the cost of international tuition. The University of Toronto is an exception; it is both the most highly ranked and most expensive college with undergraduate international tuition at an average of $39,143. The other top-five universities – British Columbia, Waterloo, and McMaster – charge tuition rates similar to lower-ranked schools (with a few exceptions). Of these top five schools, McGill is the most affordable with an average international tuition of $16,126 per year. The most cost affordable school of all top Canadian colleges is the University of Guelph with an average tuition of $15,160.

In many cases, international undergraduate tuition at most top Canadian universities only slightly exceeds in-state tuition at the University of California, where students pay an average of $14,100/year. At roughly $5,752/year, California State Universities present a more affordable education. Across the country, the average private school tuition is closer to $37,200 per year. However, on the east and west coasts, college tuition soars, averaging $55,224 at Santa Clara University, $56,500 at New York University, and $58,560 at Boston University.

It is important to note that all of the above price points are for tuition only; room and board among other expenses determine the total cost of attendance.

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