NYU and UC Berkeley trail Ivy League for employability

Investment in an undergraduate degree typically provides access to higher-paying jobs, strong alumni networks, and greater financial success. In a 2018 survey by UCLA’s Cooperative Institutional Research Program, 85.1% of college freshmen said that “being able to get a better job” was one of their main reasons to attend college. The big question then is: which schools do employers look to when hiring? Times Higher Education found that recruiters’ favorite US institutions included the usual suspects like Harvard and Stanford, as well as perhaps more surprising candidates such as New York University and much cheaper state schools like the University of California Berkeley. These schools all excel at providing an education that hones employable skills like the ability to effectively communicate orally or analytically think through problems. For students interested in studying abroad, many international institutions, such as Cambridge, Technical University at Munich, and the University of Tokyo all rank as highly as MIT, Stanford, and Princeton.

Top universities in the U.S. for graduate employability 2019 (US Rank / Intl Rank = Dark)

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