Webinar Poll · Living in Flux and College Planning

05/31/2020 Webinar “Living in Flux and College Planning” (Youtube Video) Results of Poll (30 participants · PDF). Here are the questions we asked:

Are you still planning to take exams?

57% say “Yes in the fall”

Have you been able to stay on track this semester?

68% say “Yes”

How many hours did you spend learning and studying each day?

83% say 4 or 5 hours

Do you feel that you have fallen behind in your subjects?

36.3% say “Yes or Yes somehow”

What kind of support would like to have next fall? (Multiple choice)

25.5% = “Regular discussions about colleges and majors”, 19.6% = “General support to stay on track with everything”

What are you struggling with most? (Multiple choice)

3 most common were “Staying on track with college preparation”, “Staying positive”, “Staying off my phone”

What would have helped you to study or learn? (Multiple choice)

23.1% is either “It was easy for me to stay on track” or “More oversight from a teacher or advisor”.

Did you learn new material? (Multiple choice)

66.7% = “Yes, I am learning new material in my high school classes” and 16.7% = “I am learning new material on my own”.