Breaking Down UC Admissions

At various points in the past decade, the admission data of the University of California has come under scrutiny. Below is a graph depicting the proportion of students of each origin admitted to each UC campus for the 2020 season. UC Irvine admitted the highest proportion of international students, making up 26.3% of the class. Combined out-of-state and international students make up nearly 40.2% of admitted students at UC San Diego and 41% at UCLA

UCs are committed to fostering a large community of first-generation students on every campus. First-generation refers to students whose parents have not completed a bachelor’s degree. Based on data released by the University of California, UCLA and UC San Diego admitted the lowest proportions of first-generation students, respectively 14.9% and 17.2%. On the other end of the spectrum, we find Riverside and Merced with respectively 39.4% and 57.1%.
Across all UCs and on average, when we compare the admission rate for the two California applicant groups we see a difference of 10 points in favor of the non-first generation group (47% vs 37%).

"CA 1st-Gen." are students with neither parent having a four-year college degree (vs "CA Non-1st-Gen."). "CA 1st-Gen-TBD" are students that are not categorized in one of the previous groups.
"CA Non-1st Gen.", "CA 1st Gen." and "CA 1st-Gen-TBD" students are all coming from California Public Schools.

Source: UC Freshman Admission Summary | UC admission all time record high.
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