Drug and alcohol violations: Bates College and UCSC named in Chronicle’s top 20

On campus liquor and drug violations are more common at small liberal arts institutions. In its analysis of data gathered by the U.S. Department of Education, the Chronicle identified several high profile colleges and universities with higher than average drug and liquor violations. The report looks at the annual number of violations per 1000 students over three consecutive years: 2014-2016. The University of Colorado Boulder, Reed College, Bates College, and Wesleyan were just a few of the colleges on the list. The data analyzed by the Chronicle compares disciplinary actions and arrests that occurred in colleges with 500 students or more. Residential colleges revealed up to three times more incidents of violation than large universities.
Source: US Department of Education. Check The Chronicle Article out.
Editor’s Note: The data gathered does not take into consideration the uneven practice of law enforcement across colleges, cities and states. There is insufficient data to explain why California, for example, has a lower incidence of violations than New York. Also absent from the study is a comparative analysis of off campus law violations among college students and whether these violations show a higher incidence of arrest or referral.
The "Country Average" has been calculated by removing, on top of all schools with less than 500 students, all schools which for the 2014-2015-2016 period have declared less than 1/1000 incident per student per year, and those who have declared more than 300 (we've considered both as being cases out of the normal distribution).
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